Cause for grinning

Today I had the opportunity to bring some music down to Redondo Beach Spiritual Center which was fun.  So when I arrived, I discovered that my dear friend, Roz, was the other slated musical inspiration for the day.  It's always great to hang with her!  (And that girl can SANG AND write her a song).  That was a couple smiles.  Then, as I was sitting there, preparing to take the stage, I turned around and was so surprised to see a wonderful friend who had come out to support.  How fun was that?!!  I guess those facebook posts get read sometimes.  (Hey, if you haven't already, feel free to 'like' my music page.  Just click here).  I was sure smiling then.  After I left, I went to choir rehearsal at Agape where we had the last day of auditions and it was such a joy to hear all the wonderful voices and embrace the new choir members.    WELCOME!  Smiles for everyone!  

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