You are a WOW!  Bravo!  
Love, Rick Hammond

You are fantastic & simply sizzle with joy & enthusiam!!!  
Love & appreciationCarolyn Wilson

You are a shining star!  You are beautiful with a sweet soul & love in your heart.  
Blessings, Rev. Sandy

When you sing the spirit shines through you like the North Star!!!
Gary Eccher

We LOVE having you here!  :)
-Jane Erans

Love & Hugs, Marianne  
Love, Rev. Dan & Karl

Wonderful music - reaches my soul.  Thank you for sharing your gift.
-Nela Faddis

Hi, you're great.  
Love, Cassie

Very moving.  Thank you for your contribution.

Marianne is a joy to play behind.  Her Soul and love lifts us all as Musicians!
-Joan Pino NVC


You are Fabulous!

Will pay attention to more & more of your works.

I am moved to joy by your music!

Your ministry of music this week has been so powerful.  Thank you for your inspiration.
-Brad; Creative Director CSL Vancouver

This woman is outstanding in her presence, performance, & passion!
-Rev JK Buyont; Calgary, Canada

A voice that thrills and inspires raising my heart to Heaven every performance.
-Marty Bunch

Such power in her voice reaching out to the God in all of us - tapping into our inner selves and bringing it out.
-Rita Shirtirk

Marianne is so "entergetic."  She brings life & love in her music.  She is inspiring to listen to.  I loved her.
-Tim O'Brien

Marianne ROCKS!  She bestows a musical blessing of profound power and love on the audience.  A full evening concert would be SUCH a treat.  Come back to HBCRS soon.
-Linda Louise

Zowie!  Thanks for your dazzling dance & song of aliveness!  Yes I AM the Power, even through this year of health struggle.  You rocked our church and my heart.
-Gayle S.